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If we love our body and we are happy with our thoughts, everything that follows will be great.


Yatra in Sanskrit means trip. Traveling is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves. It is something that has marked my soul since I can remember. And I've been lucky enough to travel a lot for work and also for pleasure. My name is Belén Rodríguez and I´m a journalist but, above all, I´m and Ocean and Earth lover. 
For 5 years, I traveled the world working as a reporter for a travel television show. They were unforgettable years, I met wonderful people who gave me a lot of unselfish love. Then, I found my place in the world. When I first stepped on Byron Bay, in Australia, I knew I had to stay. I fell in love with the place, its people and the brutal and pure energy of nature. There, I became aware of the strong ties I had with the land. I promised myself and her, our mother Earth, that I would always take care of her. They were very happy years. I also discovered then and fell deeply in love with both surfing and yoga. Both practices are brutally energetic and able to connect you intensely with the elements.
What I could not understand is how almost all the elements we used to connect with these two practices so spiritual and so deep were harmful to our health, even toxic. The yoga mats were made of plastic, PVC, just like surfboards, made of very aggressive materials and harmful to our health and to the environment. It is contradictory that two practices that connect us both with our interior and with our roots are so harmful to both. I believe, we all share this feeling. So I started looking like crazy for products that were respectful with the environment, durable and beautiful. I found it hard to find them so I decided to make it easy for other people who, like me, love yoga and surfing but, above all, love our beautiful planet.

YatraYogaSurfEcoStore wants to gather the items we need in our daily practice and also in our day to day. I would love to hear suggestions, I will help you find what you need and incorporate it into our store.

We created YATRA YOGA because we believe that little things can make a huge difference. We believe that loving ourselves first will lead a bigger love for the rest of the world. We want to help you to do it in a proper, elegant, natural and durable way. Our aim is offering you products made from high quality and eco friendly materials so you can be sure you’re being healthy and respectful with our beautiful planet at the same time. And we don't want to waste. Long life products, eco-friendly and recyclable. Zero waste and less consume is our objective. On our way!