XIGAZE meditation mat (LOTUS, OM, HAND)

XIGAZE meditation mat (LOTUS, OM, HAND)

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Our XIGAZE cork yoga mat is a combination of recycled tree bark from the cork tree and natural sap of the rubber tree to create the perfect combination of ultimate traction and bounce. Bonus: no trees are cut down in the process, making this mat extremely environmentally friendly. 

High-quality, eco-friendly cork provides a non-slip surface. We developed a fine grain cork surface for a soft feel, yet with no sacrifice on grip. Adding water to cork actually increases grip. Never worry about slipping again. Care is easy with a naturally antimicrobial surface eliminating germs and bacteria, and a closed cell foam bottom that won’t absorb moisture or smells. Cork is naturally antimicrobial. Three different designs

Thickness: 5 mm 
Length: 65*65mm