LONGQUAN BE Fine Porcelain Teapot

LONGQUAN BE Fine Porcelain Teapot

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Longquan Celadon is one of the best known type of Chinese porcelain. It could be found in countries along the ancient maritime silk route which linked Southeast Asia, South/west Asia, middle-east and East Africa. Longquan celadon uses high-quality porcelain clay, soil Zijin, quartz chinaware and other raw materials to form the pile, and then glazing at about 1300°C temperature, the high iron is reduced to low iron getting this characteristic dark green enamel.
Artisans first established the Longquan this glossy, greenish color glaze as a signature of the Song dynasty (960-1279), a tradition which continued through the Ming dynasty.
Longquan celadon possess an universally beauty that has inspire other ceramic industries all over the world.