GOOD LUCK Laughing Buddha

GOOD LUCK Laughing Buddha

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Any classical Bronze sculpture is a forging of hard work and a true love for creating wonderful works of art, exceptional detail and quality.


1. Rub a dry cotton cloth gently over the entire bronze object to remove dust. Always apply light pressure to the bronze.

2. Scrub the entire bronze sculpture gently with a soft brush to remove grime. Focus on crevices in the bronze where grime collects.

3. Apply wax to the bronze. Begin by dipping a new, one inch wide paintbrush into clear paste wax. Apply only a small amount of wax.

4. Sweep the paintbrush gently over the bronze surface again and again. Lightly coat the entire surface, including the crevices, with a thin layer of the paste wax. Let the wax dry according to the product’s directions.

5. Buff the bronze sculptures gently with a dry cotton cloth to remove wax residue.

Techniques: handmade
Material: bronze